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The Sunday Champagne Brunch Club was created to celebrate women, friendships, food and life!  We are a contemporary ladies brunch club who enjoy going out and making new friends, keeping the old, enjoying adventures in friendships and life while all while enjoying delicious foods be it breakfast, dinner or appetizers.  We are foodies at heart and love a delicious meals and feature cocktails and of course, Champagne!

We also have a great respect for our fellow women and among us are daughters, wives, sisters, aunts, professionals, students, mothers, entrepreneurs, and some of us wear many hats in life.  We come from various backgrounds and stages in life and are bonded by our appreciation for good food and interesting adventures.

We also love to take in a beautiful scenery while we dine, be it the ocean, a lovely view of the city or a wonderfully designed restaurant.  We love small and unique venues that have character as well as have an appreciation for legendary places that make Los Angeles and Orange County great!  We appreciate jazz and many other forms of music as we dine and make the most of our food adventures.  We look forward to exploring our cities and sharing those adventures with the world.

Our willingness to exchange ideas, cultures, fashions food and more go beyond the brunch table and one thing we have learned in life is that it is to be lived and appreciated.  We strive to support each other in all our friendships, ventures, causes, as well as promote, our city’s restaurants, chef’s, and other venues while bringing each other up and never down.


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