This Page is all about fun drinks.  Cocktails, Mocktails, Party drinks, Tea, and even Healthy Smoothies!

There will be a recipe for everyone.  Anywhere from your summer favorite and a few surprises to new and exciting drinks that you may have never heard of.  This collection is extensive and comes from more than a few recipe books as well as loved magazines all put together with only the best of the best.

Any credit for the drink will be given to the respective bartender, book, magazine or person who invented the drink.  I hope to inspire creative drink making, smoothie making, mocktails and more for those at home bartenders to professional bartender or mixologist.  I’t’s also exciting to  share some great recipes for tea and smoothies as well!   It will be great to finally share a wonderful collection of many different drinks for any day of the week in any style you choose!

This was partially inspired by the movie, ‘Hey Bartender’ film that is on Netflix.  A documentary film by Douglas Tirola that documents the story of the bartender in the era of the craft cocktail.  If you get a chance it is a most enjoyable watch for a night when you just want to relax and not think too much about following a plot of a movie.  Don’t forget to fix yourself something nice to drink for the movie.  And also partially inspired by my love for Tea Time magazine and as well as the nutribullet!  Where being addicted to nutriblasts is not a bad thing; is it?


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