It’s Not Christmas Yet, But It’s Okay to Start Decorating Early

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‘Tis the season for extravagant Christmas decorations. Even though it’s still November, it’s okay to get excited about the next holiday. In fact, there’s many benefits for those that put up their decorations early. The website conducted a Facebook poll of 1,600 people and found that 49 percent said it’s too early for decorations and 51 percent said that it’s not too early. Sure, Christmas is at the end of next month. But there’s no reason why you can’t flex your Christmas spirit. The sooner you can get up your decorations, the happier you’ll be. Take the chance to knock things out early by getting your decorating done ahead of time. That way, you can really focus on enjoying the holidays. It’s okay to elongate Christmas if you love the holiday. Here are nine reasons why it’s okay to put up your Christmas decorations early, courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens.

  1. Decorating makes you happier – People love the holiday spirit. U.K. news outlet Unilad spoke to a psychoanalyst about the topic and found that people enjoy the nostalgia of Christmas. Decorations are a view into the past for many, drumming up old childhood memories.
  2. Your neighbors will enjoy it – A study found that people who were shown photos of houses decorated believed the residents to be more friendly as those sans decorations. That’s right, your neighbors actually appreciate the decorations. Houses that have decorations on them were seen as more inviting and accessible, the study found, regardless of whether you interact with your neighbors or not. So if the whole block is decorating their homes, get in on the fun. It’s appreciated.
  3. Christmas desserts – No one is going to deny a Christmas cookie. Once your Christmas decorating is out of the way, you can focus on Christmas baking. Desserts are essential to the holiday season, so bust out that cookie jar and get ready to start cooking. Get into the Christmas mood with favorites like red velvet cheesecake bars, red plaid cookies, and star mint meringues.
  4. It’s getting cold (and dark) – Since it gets dark earlier now, it’s a good idea to get your decorating done as soon as possible. You only have a limited amount of sunlight to get it done, so take advantage of it. Get through the coldness of winter with some hot chocolate, a warm fire, cozy sweaters, and your Christmas decor.
  5. Show off your DIY skills – The earlier you start, the sooner you can get to working on those DIY decorations. You don’t want to be scrambling last minute to put things together with glue and paint, especially if you’re having company over. Get those ornaments up now and make that wreath. And don’t forget about mailing those Christmas cards out. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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  6. Enjoy your decorations for longer – If you get your decorations up earlier, that means you can enjoy them for longer. It really makes putting up the decorations worth it. Putting them up is a lot of work and time, so why not get it done as soon as possible? No one wants to put up decorations late and have to put them away a week later. You can really appreciate your efforts when you get it done early.
  7. Indulge in Christmas music – Listening to Christmas music while decorating is a great way to get into the spirit. You’ve been listening to the same music all year. It’s time to really embrace the holidays. Crank up the music, bust out singing to those classic tunes like “Jingle Bells” and get decorating. You can even make Christmas decorations out of lyrics–print out your favorite Christmas lyrics and turn them into little ornaments.
  8. Spend more time with family – The holidays are a blur. First Thanksgiving, then Christmas. On top of that, you’ve got to go shopping. If you get your Christmas decorating done early, then you’ll have more time to spend with family. That way you can focus on Christmas activities.
  9. You’ll have somewhere to take Christmas photos – So you’ve reached the last stretch of 2018 and it’s time to take Christmas photos. But where do you go? If you’ve decorated early, then you know exactly where those pictures can be taken. Using decorations as a backdrop is a quick and inexpensive way to get your Christmas photos done–it also shows your holiday spirit.

Kill two birds with one stone by decorating early. So if you have time to start decorating early this week, get to it. No one’s going to judge you. In fact, you’ll be happier because of it. There’s nothing wrong with getting your Christmas decorating done early. It’s okay to love Christmas!

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